How to make a masterpiece. Image quality that sparks creativity

RAW mode reveals creative realms

Sigma believes that shooting photos is just one stage of creating photographs.

The creative process depends on carefully drawing out the latent power of the raw image to faithfully realize your vision in a work of photographic art.

Sigma's .x3f RAW image format files are your creative canvas. They let you work with the full dynamic range, broad color spectrum and delicate gradations of shadow and light that are gathered by the full color capture system.

All the information recorded by the amazing Foveon X3® direct image sensor is at your command.

Inspired by the virtually boundless potential of SD1 Merrill RAW format data, you embark on a voyage of artistic discovery with the exhilarating freedom to follow your creative muse in any direction.

Dedicated Dual TRUE II image processing engine

A dual configuration of Sigma's renowned TRUE* II image processing engine powers the SD1 Merrill, bringing out the full potential of information captured by the full color sensor.

Using Sigma's latest re-optimized proprietary algorithm, the Dual TRUE II processes vast volumes of data at blazing speed, generating crisp, high-definition images, scrupulously rendered with immersive spatial realism and profuse color detail. For extra convenience, both RAW data and JPEG data can be recorded simultaneously while shooting.

* TRUE: Three-layer Responsive Ultimate Engine

From image to masterpiece with Photo Pro 5

In SIGMA Photo Pro 5 you will find precisely the functions you really need — no more, no less — to finish your photos with professionalism and artistry. With its intuitive and uncluttered interface, this digital darkroom application is unexcelled in RAW data processing performance. Even if you are new to RAW file formats, you will find it easy to use.

The redesigned interface offers greater functionality and convenience to give full expression to your creative ideas and bring out the breathtaking potential of 46MP images generated by the SD1 Merrill's X3 technology. It also handles SD1 Merrill color mode setting data which optimizes color tone, contrast and other adjustments for various shooting conditions. These settings can be saved in RAW data files.

For image correction, the Adjustment Controls Palette offers seven parameters: exposure, contrast, shadows, highlights, color saturation, sharpness, and the X3 Fill Light feature. Together with the two noise reduction parameters and a color wheel, these controls give you the artistic latitude and precision to create the masterpieces that express your artistic vision.

Camera control software SIGMA Capture Pro

With Sigma Capture Pro you can use a USB cable to connect the Sigma SD1 Merrill camera to a computer to enable remote control over shutter release and camera settings including aperture and shutter speed, exposure compensation and ISO value. It is also possible to set how many times the shutter is to be released automatically in one operation. Even when the camera is connected to a computer, you can still use the shutter release and other controls on the camera body. Images can be stored on the camera’s CF card, the PC’s hard drive or both simultaneously.

JPEG convenience with the Sigma touch

When you want the convenience of JPEG, the SD1 Merrill delivers print-ready images finished to Sigma's own high standards. For purposes of connectivity, photo sharing, social media, and other casual applications, you may find that JPEG meets your needs.

On the other hand, the compact file size of JPEG depends on irreversible "lossy" compression that leaves little room for post-processing creativity. When you want to explore the full artistic potential of the SD1 Merrill, simply choose the RAW image format. This preserves 100% of captured information in all its 46-million-pixel glory, ready for you to give free rein to your creativity.