Impeccable image quality. Cutting-edge technology. Our flagship camera has it all

Preserving once-in-a-lifetime moments

Photographs can preserve special moments and breathtaking scenery for eternity. They can also let us express feelings and share ideas.

At Sigma we consider the capture system to be the key factor in photographic performance.

After all, photography is meant to reflect truth, and cameras are tools to take photographs.

Pursuing the goal of photographic perfection is a matter of creating the ultimate capture system.

Some may say that digital imaging technology has already reached maturity and that further innovation will be insignificant.

We, however, beg to differ.

Delivering truly high image quality

When it comes to the capture system at the heart of photography, most digital cameras are treading the same well-worn path, using technology that has hardly changed since digital photography’s infancy.

In contrast, Sigma is taking a completely different tack, developing direct-image sensor technology to achieve true progress in the key areas of the capture system and image generation.

Sigma is also the only camera maker committed to perfecting Foveon X3® direct image sensor technology. This full color capture system uses three layers of photodiodes vertically aligned to capture all three primary RGB colors of light at each photosite.

We take this approach because we believe in focusing on innovation that can make a real difference in the quality of photographs.

Pioneering the camera’s future with the SIGMA SD1

Ever since its inception, the Foveon X3® Direct Image Sensor has earned a unique reputation for its three-dimensional ambience. The SIGMA SD1 marked another milestone in this dimension of “emotional image quality,” producing photographs mesmerizing in their lifelike presence.

Its larger sensor size has triple the pixel count of its predecessor. With the increased resolution of so many more pixels added to the capture system's intrinsically rich image quality, the result is amazingly nuanced gradation and color fidelity.

Such astonishing image quality makes conventional digital cameras pale by comparison. It also clearly indicates the direction Sigma is heading in pursuit of photographic excellence and the ideal camera.

A flagship that puts Sigma’s principles into practice

It may look like a standard SLR, but its images have the detail and clarity you might expect from a medium-format film camera. Their vibrant, richly textured realism awakens the desire to take creative photographs.

The good news is that the SD1 Merrill has all the impeccable imaging performance and build-quality of the SD1. Achieving mass production of such a camera that we could endorse without reservation was no easy task. But when you hold the SD1 Merrill in your hands you will understand why it was worth it.

The sensor was designed in Silicon Valley, the epicenter of semiconductor innovation. The camera is made entirely in-house by Sigma in Japan. This combination of cutting-edge technology and a proud tradition of precision artisanship has produced a creative tool destined to inspire the artistic soul of every serious photographer.

The eye-opening impact of this camera’s image quality is the result of an uncompromising devotion to principles and a passion for excellence. Now it is our pleasure to be able to make such quality available to more photographers than ever before. Our humble hope is that using the SD1 Merrill will stimulate your creative impulse in a way no other camera can.