The TRUE II image-processing engine joins the SD series.

The sigma SD15 is the first in the SD series to offer the TRUE (Three-layer Responsive Ultimate Engine) II image-processing engine. Developed exclusively to operate in synergy with the Foveon X3® direct image sensor, TRUE II has been an extremely popular feature since it was first introduced on the Sigma DP2.

Based on Sigma’s comprehensive understanding of the image-creation mechanism of the Foveon X3® direct image sensor, TRUE II uses a proprietary algorithm to help create subtle and lifelike images. As a result, the SD15 optimizes in-camera JPEG production, dramatically enhancing image quality and processing time.

TRUE II leverages the high-quality light signal captured by the Foveon X3® direct image sensor, applying Sigma’s image-processing expertise to preserve the data under optimal conditions. It processes images quickly while maintaining their quality and emotional feel, helping to make the SD15 even more rewarding to use.

Enhanced Image processing quality and speed

Leveraging the strengths of the direct image sensor, TRUE II does full justice to its uniquely sophisticated 3D rendering power, optimizing both in-camera image processing quality and speed. Also enhancing color reproduction and dynamic range, TRUE II, significantly contributing to the quality of the images produced within the camera.

Further, noise that can occur at higher sensitivities is suppressed by a new proprietary algorithm, with resolution maintained at the highest possible level. And automatic exposure, focus and white balance functionality are strengthened, enhancing the camera's overall performance.

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