SIGMA Photo Pro  offers darkroom-style freedom and control

The sigma SD15 has an X3F mode (RAW file format) in which all the image data captured by the sensor can be recorded without any significant deterioration in camera performance. If you want to do your own hands-on photo finishing, then for best results, we recommend SIGMA Photo Pro , the image-processing software designed exclusively for these X3F files.

Believing it to be the very best RAW data processing software available, Sigma offers SIGMA Photo Pro . With its intuitive and uncluttered interface, the application offers photographers exactly what they need to give their photographs a truly artistic and professional finish. Even those new to raw data processing will find it easy to use.

SIGMA Photo Pro is a perfect match to the .x3f format with its superior dynamic range. Its advanced tools enable artistic expression and the limitless enjoyment that photography has to offer.

RAW image processing

You may think that “RAW data processing” sounds like something intimidatingly technical, requiring high levels of knowledge and skill. If so, just try SIGMA Photo Pro for yourself, and you’ll soon find out how easy it really can be.

The Adjustment Controls Palette contains exposure, contrast, shadows, highlights, color saturation, sharpness, and the X3 Fill Light feature. A new noise reduction control area allows for reduction of both color noise and luminance noise. The Color Wheel allows for easy adjustment of photograph colors. Using these controls, photographers can easily process images to match their original artistic vision—just as though working in a classic darkroom.

The parameter of SIGMA Photo Pro

1 Exposure

It is possible to adjust the overall brightness whilst retaining contrast.

2 Contrast

It is possible to adjust the blackness of the blacks and the whiteness of the whites with a single control.

3 Shadow

It is possible to adjust the blackness of the shadows.

4 Highlight

It is possible to adjust the brightness of the highlights.

5 Saturation

It is possible to adjust the intensity of the color.

6 Sharpness

It is possible to adjust the clarity and detail.

7 X3 Fill Light

It is possible to adjust the tone correction by adding extra light energy into the shadow areas without overexposing highlight areas.

8 Color adjustment

By using the Color Wheel manually, it is possible to adjust the overall color of image easily. Even it is possible to adjust gray balance of from one part of the image for an accurate color adjustment.

9 Noise Reduction

It is possible to adjust the noise level of chroma and Luminance Noise.

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