An even more complete resource for the photographer

A camera should convey the intention of the photographer accurately and directly. Developed with refinement in every detail, the SD15 is a digital SLR camera that combines simplicity with a superior balance and a delicate calibrated harmony among its parts.

In pursuit of the best camera and the finest photographs, Sigma designed the SD15 to support the photographer in the widest range of circumstances possible and partner with the artist throughout a long and fruitful career. To this end, Sigma created the SD15 taking care to eliminate unnecessary complications of form or function.

Complete functionality with a superbly intuitive user interface

The SD15 offers an intuitive user interface that prepares the photographer for almost every conceivable environment. Sigma’s philosophy of the camera allows the photographer to concentrate on performance alone, as all the necessary functions are immediately present in ideal balance—a difference detected instantly with both the hand and the eye.

SIGMA SD15 Special Contents