The SD15 in detail

X3 Direct Image Sensor

The Foveon X3® direct image sensor captures all primary RGB colors at each and every pixel location. As the photo detectors are arranged in three layers, full and complete color is captured giving the images a three-dimensional feel.


The SD15 captures light effectively and ensures noiseless image processing. The image sensor provides high definition with rich, gradated tones.

Focal Plane Shutter

The durable focal plane shutter mechanism has a life cycle of over 100,000 exposures and dramatically reduces the amount of dust and dirt from the shutter mechanism.
The photographer can enjoy taking pictures without worrying about dust and dirt adhering to the image sensor either from inside or outside the camera.

Two motor systems

The two motor systems are driven by the mirror-drive and shutter charge which lowers the vibration of the mirror movement, preventing camera shake. The mirror lock-up mechanism raises the mirror, preventing further vibration when the shutter is released.
The prevention of camera shake is especially effective for macro photography and when using ultra-telephoto lenses.

Improved buffer memory

The SD15 is equipped with DDRII buffer memory which is twice as large in capacity as the SD14’s buffer. The camera's high-speed image processing circuits are capable of handling the large data files generated by the high-resolution 14 megapixel sensor. The SD15 features a continuous shooting speed of 3 frames per second with up to 21 RAW Images that can be captured in continuous shooting mode.


The SD15 incorporates the “TRUE (Three-layer Responsive Ultimate Engine) II” image processing engine which improves the processing speed and overall image quality. The unique image-processing algorithm provides high resolution power and reproduces high definition images with richly graduated tones. The improved processing speed of RAW and JPEG data provides ease of camera operation.

Wide coverage viewfinder

The SD15 features a pentaprism viewfinder with 98% (vertical and horizontal) coverage, 0.9x magnification and an 18mm eye point. A diopter adjustment is also equipped which can be adjusted from -3 to +1.5 dpt.

5-point AF

The auto focus sensor features 5 focusing points (center, left, right, up and down) ensuring consistently fast and precise focusing. The AF metering features a cross type sensor in the center of the screen. Selecting the AF point can be done manually or automatically.

New AE sensor

The SD15 features a new 77-segment AE sensor which allows advanced AE algorithms, improving exposure accuracy. Exact control and collaboration with the AF point ensures the camera exposes accurately even in difficult lighting conditions.

Large 3.0" TFT Color LCD Monitor

The SD15 camera features a 3.0 inch TFT color LCD monitor. This 460,000 pixel resolution LCD monitor benefits from a wide viewing angle, making it easy to check focusing and composition.

Four metering modes

The SD15 is equipped with four metering modes: 77-segment Evaluative Metering, Center Weighted Average Metering, Center Area Metering and Spot Metering.

■77-segment Evaluative Metering

Evaluative Metering is suitable for general photography. Even under strong back lightning situations, the camera will give you the correct exposure.

■Center Area Metering

The camera will measure the luminance of 8.8% of the entire picture area. It is ideal for metering when the subject is backlit.

■Center Weighted Average Metering

The camera will measure the average luminance of the entire picture area with additional emphasis on the center area. This makes it ideal when using the optional exposure compensation.

■Spot Metering

The camera will measure the luminance of 1% of the entire picture area. This mode is suitable when you wish to set the exposure for a small portion of the scene and ignore the influence of the rest of the scene.

Dust Protector

Most digital SLR cameras are vulnerable to dust entering the body. If the dust and dirt adhere to the image sensor, it may appear in the pictures. The mount of the SD 15 is equipped with a dust protector and the sealing parts are incorporated around the mount, preventing dust from entering the body. Even if dust adheres to the image sensor, the dust protector can be removed easily for sensor cleaning.

Exposure compensation function

It is possible to adjust the camera’s measured exposure value. When it is difficult to determine the exposure setting due to variable light conditions, it is possible to take a sequence of pictures of the same subject at three or five different exposure levels. The shift value can be set in 1/3EV increments up to ±3EV (3 stops)/±1.7EV (5 stops).

New, intuitive user interface

The improved user interface provides faster and more convenient operation of the camera. The Quick Set button activates the display of the most commonly used camera functions such as Color Mode, White Balance, Image Quality and Image Size on one screen. The 4-Way Controller ensures faster operation of these features. The FUNC button enables functions such as Flash Mode and Synchro Mode.

OK Button setting

It is possible to allocate certain functions to the OK button for added convenience. These functions include Review Image, Rotate Image and Mark Image.

Backlit top LCD panel

The top LCD panel allows the photographer to quickly check camera information such as the resolution setting, metering mode, battery status and the number of images that can be recorded on the SD card. It also incorporates an orange backlight which enables the camera to be easily controlled in low light conditions.

Improved Auto Bracketing function

In addition to the usual three frame bracketing, five frame bracketing has now been added to the Auto Bracketing function. It allows users to get a more detailed and accurate exposure.

SIGMA Photo Pro

The supplied image processing software of SIGMA Photo Pro 4.0 converts RAW data quickly and easily. Incorporation of a new noise reduction algorithm reduces chroma and luminance noise. In addition, it is compatible with five Color Modes which apply a suitable setting to each shooting situation. The adjusted settings can be saved to the RAW file.

Built-in flash with 17mm angle of coverage

The Sigma SD15 camera’s built-in flash offers an angle of coverage of 17mm (equivalent to 28mm with a 35mm camera) lens with a guide number of 11. The Built-in flash can be synchronized to a shutter speed up to 1/180 sec. Incorporation of S-TTL automatic exposure system ensures the control of advanced flash photography.

SD card

The SD15 adopts the SD card (compatible with SDHC) which is also used in the DP series of Sigma cameras improving convenience to users of both camera systems.

AFE (Analog Front End)

AFE (Analog Front End) converts the color data, which full-color capture systems record, to a digital signal. This enables the camera to reproduce high definition and richly colored images.

Dedicated BP-21 Lithium-ion battery

The dedicated BP-21 Lithium-ion battery is supplied as standard with the SD15. It is possible to shoot approximately 500 images on one full charge and takes about 120 minutes to fully charge with the supplied BC-21 Battery Charger. The optional AC Adapter SAC-4 enables the Sigma SD15 to obtain power from the main supply.

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