The SLR camera—flexibility to suit demanding photographers

To the photographer, exciting new subjects and compositions constantly appear—and drive the demand for a versatile camera that can grasp these opportunities. The most complete and flexible system camera available is the single-lens reflex (SLR) camera.

Refined by photographers over many decades, SLR technology allows the photographer to create a genuinely personalized system that matches his or her own style—a benefit offered by no other type of camera. Wide-angle, standard, telephoto, macro, high ratio zoom—all of these lenses and a wide range of accessories are available, accommodating any photographic circumstance.

The Sigma digital SLR offers complete freedom of expression

Since the image the photographer has in mind is highly individual, Sigma believes a good camera should allow creativity to come to the fore, helping the photographer overcome limitations and expand the possibilities of the craft. No camera affords the photographer more freedom than a digital SLR.

First comes the desire to create an image and capture meaning. Next come the proper tools—a digital SLR camera, lenses, and accessories suited to the photographer’s unique vision. To take the perfect picture, the photographer needs to be able to move freely from instant to instant. More than any other system, a digital SLR camera helps the photographer be creative and take advantage of moments that only come once.

The precision appeal of an optical viewfinder

Another critical part of a digital SLR camera is the optical viewfinder. Based on advanced digital technology, the backlit LCD viewfinders with live preview and electronic viewfinders (EVF) found in compact digital cameras offer a high degree of scene visibility and convenience.

An optical viewfinder offers many distinct advantages. Verification of every aspect of the scene with the naked eye. High-precision focusing. A real-time and realistic image of the subject. Finer detail. Finer photographs.

An electronic image simply can’t imitate these things, yet they are all crucial in taking highly precise, highly individual photographs. Currently, nothing matches an optical finder for revealing the subject exactly as it is and inspiring the photographer to take the ideal picture as conceived by that person.

The Sigma digital SLR offers unprecedented value and individuality

In the sleek, sophisticated body of a Sigma digital SLR is the finest image sensor available. It is coupled with a Sigma lens that offers crystal-clear images and the highest level of finished image quality. The optical viewfinder satisfies the professional eye and makes taking pictures truly a delight. In addition, a Sigma digital SLR camera coordinates well with accessories to enhance the enjoyment of every photographic opportunity.

In short, a Sigma SLR camera is the complete system camera that empowers the photographer in the widest variety of creative circumstances. It allows the photographer not only to respond to the scene that presents itself but also to find and express a uniquely personal photographic method, style, and spirit.

More than any other camera, the Sigma digital SLR camera has the individuality to support the creativity of the photographer and maximize his or her abilities. It is a resource that helps sharpens discernment, deepens the compositional sense, and strengthens the creative will, allowing the photographer to take artistic action.

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