SIGMA SD15 Accessories

Optional accessories

There are many optional accessories available for the SD series to complement the user’s style of photography. These accessories ensure ease of use and comfortable shooting.

Power Grip PG-21

This specially designed battery pack (PG-21) with a vertical grip is dedicated for SD15 use and can hold two BP-21 batteries.

Remote Controller RS-31

The Remote control allows the photographer to take self-portraits or get into group shots. Used in conjunction with the Mirror Lock-Up function, it can reduce the possibility of image-blurring caused by camera shake, making it particularly useful for macro or telephoto shooting.

Cable Release Switch CR-21

The CR-21 Cable Release Switch is ideal for long exposures or bulb shooting. It is also possible to lock the release button.

AC Adapter SAC-4

This is used to provide a constant electricity supply when shooting in the studio, or taking pictures indoors. It is also recommended for use when connecting the camera to your computer to transfer data.


The high power EF-530 DG Super flash enables S-TTL automatic flash metering. It has wireless flash connectivity and a high-speed synchronization function which can be used at high shutter speeds.


This is a high-powered auto zoom flash featuring automatic flash metering using S-TTL operation. The flashgun allows perfect flash shots effortlessly and also includes an automatic zoom and bounce-head function.

SIGMA SD15 Special Contents